‘Chinese cabbage’: Watch the ‘Pumpkin Plant’ trailer, featuring ‘Tabasco Pepper’

Chinese cabbage is the first cabbage you’ll find in a trailer for the upcoming Halloween episode of “Pumpkins” on Netflix. 

The trailer begins with an unidentified man, with a mask, taking a group of children on a journey through a Chinese cabbage field. 

“It’s like a giant jungle,” the narrator says.

“It’s so colorful.” 

“Tabaso pepper” is a popular Mexican chili pepper and the “chicken” is named for its skin color. 

It’s unclear whether the pepper plant was actually made by a Native American tribe, but “Tabasos” has been used in the United States for centuries as a spice, especially in the southwestern United States. 

(Image: Netflix)”We really just wanted to make a fun, family-friendly show,” “Pumped Up Kicks” producer Paul Zayas said. 

Zayas was inspired by “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,” a game series about a man who’s captured an evil bird and must find a way to defeat it before he can return home. 

According to Wikipedia, the bird is called the “Chirru” and its symbol is a heart. 

In this case, Zayes decided to call the pepper the “Tabasu” after the word “tabaso” means “white” or “white-eyed.”

“There’s a lot of Asian people in the show,” Zayays said.

“We wanted to take a little bit of Asian culture into the show, and we had this cool Asian kid who’s a part of the Chinese cabbage community, and it just sort of clicked for us.”

In the clip, the man in the mask tells the children that “they’re gonna need some Tabasos,” then plays a song about the plant, which is described as a “pumpkin-shaped pepper plant.”

“Tabasu pepper” peppers are often used as a flavoring ingredient in Asian food, like tofu. 

Many Chinese people believe that the plants seeds are “gifted” to them from the god of wine, so they believe they’re able to give them a taste of the “sweetest food.” 

(Video: Netflix/The CW)”Tabastro peppers are a pretty traditional Chinese pepper,” Zays said, “and we wanted to use it in the same way we would use chili peppers.

So we went out and got some Tabastro pepper, and the next day we brought it to our family.” 

The next day, the family tried the pepper, with no problem. 

After eating some, the children said they couldn’t eat any more. 

They also said they thought the peppers taste strange. 

Then the father of the family saw the video and told them to “be careful.”

“I didn’t think they’d make a good joke,” Zaryas said, and he added that he wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. 

Eventually, the father called the police. 

But the police didn’t find the man until the next morning.

“It was a very difficult thing for them,” Zayaas said of the police investigation.

“They had a lot to do with it.” 

Police questioned Zayayas and his wife, who told them that the pepper was a “fake” and that they should “keep it in a cupboard.” 

In a news release, the department said the officer also found that Zayaya and his family had brought a bottle of Chinese cabbage, and that the man could have been a farmer or something similar. 

For now, Zayays said the family will not be prosecuted. 

And he says he hopes “Tabastros” will be featured in the upcoming episode of the series, as the police department did not respond to requests for comment. 

A spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says it was surprised by the episode’s appearance.

“We are very concerned about the use of the term ‘Chinese cabbage’ in a show featuring a Chinese national who has been arrested,” said the spokesman, Chris Gunness.

“This term has been associated with human trafficking and forced labor and it is against UN standards to use this term.” 

And the UN says it is aware of the episode and wants to know more about the story.

“This kind of use of this word in the media is concerning,” said Gunness, who also said he is hoping the episode will be pulled from Netflix.

“The UN is always looking for better ways to promote dialogue between cultures and to provide information on these sensitive issues, and this is not an appropriate way to do that.”(Image (C): Netflix)

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