New species of cucumber have been discovered in Thailand

A new species of tropical cucumber has been discovered by researchers from Thailand and Australia in the country.

The new species is named P. kok, after a local word for cucumber.

The researchers have named the species as Phaneron japonicus, meaning “black cabbage”.

The new genus, Phanerson japanicus, is an indigenous tropical cucurbit family.

The Phaneros of Thailand and the southern island of Pattani have been identified as the originators of the species, said Dr Yulong Song, a professor at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Entomology.

“This new species was previously found only in a single sample of Phaneringon in Thailand, but it is very likely to have been collected by someone from the southern Thailand coast, possibly from the area known as the Maka area,” Dr Song said.

“The new new genus also belongs to a different family of tropical species, called the Cucurbitaceae, and has been described in detail in the last two years.”

We have not yet been able to establish the species name for the genus, but we have identified several different species in our laboratory and our collections of plants and animals from other tropical areas in Southeast Asia.

“The new plant, which was discovered in a field in Pattani, has been named Phaneriopsis japonicum.

The plant was found by a researcher named Satchit Khao in late March and has since been kept in a tank.

It has already been named by several other researchers.”

In our experience, the Phaneroidea, Phytridae, is the most diverse group of tropical plants in the world,” Dr Singh said.

It is a group of plants that include native species such as the yellow cabbage (Chrysanthemum spp.), carrot (Lycopersicon spp.) and eggplant (Melissa officinalis).”

It is also one of the largest families of tropical and subtropical plants, comprising over 20 genera.

“The plant species name was chosen from the colouration of its leaves, its shape and the size of its flowers.”

Phaneroniaceae is named after Phanera, a local goddess of love, who is also known as Phonera, the love goddess of Pha’an,” Dr Satchat said.

Phaneriidae is also sometimes called Phaneria, a Greek word meaning “mother”.”

Phanaera is a goddess of beauty and fertility, and is the patroness of the gardens of Thailand.

“While the Phanaera’s garden is not in Thailand at present, the flowers of Phanaeriaceae can be found all over the world, including in countries such as Australia, Japan and Thailand.”

The team also identified four new species from Phanercaria.

“These four new genera are the first time in the history of Phantheronidae that we have had such diverse species from different regions in the southern hemisphere,” Dr Yalcin said.

The first of the new species, Phanseron sp., was named in July 2018 by Dr Song, who said the new genus is likely to be a new species.

“Our first identification of the genus is a rare occurrence in Thailand and we think it may be the first in the region,” he said.

However, other research has shown that other species in the genus are very different from those in the new family.

“There is no doubt that we are finding more species in Phanermaceae than PhanERiaceae in the area,” said Dr Song.

“I would say we have to be careful not to over-classify these new species too much.”

This story was originally published on The Conversation.

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