Which states have the best and worst schools for minorities?

It was a typical spring day in a nondescript room in an office park in Chicago.

As students came into the building, a young woman was checking her email.

She looked up and saw an unfamiliar name on the screen.

It was Jen, a 22-year-old who works in marketing.

Jen has a history of discrimination.

She’s a minority and has lived in Chicago for four years.

She says she and her parents have been working to integrate the school, but that’s not enough.

They’re trying to find the best school for Jen.

Jen says she thinks Chicago is the only city in the country where she’s seen a lot of people from different races come in, but the schools are segregated.

“I can’t even get into my school,” Jen said.

She didn’t go to her high school in the city.

“It’s really sad, because I’m like, ‘I want to go to my school,'” Jen said, looking at her phone.

Jen’s story is not unique. “

There are a lot more places to go, I think, for me,” Jen added.

Jen’s story is not unique.

Across the country, schools are closing and struggling to integrate.

According to a report by the American Civil Liberties Union, at least 1,100 schools are either closed or are failing to meet state standards.

Many of these schools are facing lawsuits and a federal investigation.

Some of the schools have also seen enrollment drop, making it harder for families to get a place to live.

And many are closed to students of color.

At the end of May, Chicago announced it would be closing more than 1,000 schools, including some in the South Side and West Side neighborhoods.

Many students are afraid to go out in the neighborhoods to go grocery shopping.

In addition, a new law signed by Gov.

Bruce Rauner in April will allow parents to drop students off at a school in their neighborhood.

That law, which takes effect June 1, allows schools to be open to students who are not from the same zip code as their parents, but students can still be transferred to a new school.

In Chicago, the school that Jen attends has an enrollment of around 7,000 students, but many of those students have to travel to other districts in the state to get to school.

The school’s principal told the Chicago Tribune that the school’s enrollment was about 1,300 students before the law was passed, and now it’s about 1.8 times that number.

The state has also asked for help to help students in the region.

A group of families, including Jen’s, has put together a $2 million fund that is designed to allow students to stay in Chicago and get into other schools in the district.

Some families are hoping to help a new group of students.

One of the students who wants to attend the new school is Nana, a 13-year old from South Central Chicago.

She had to wait for two weeks before she could visit her family’s home in the suburb of Roselle, Illinois, because the school in Chicago’s suburb had closed.

The family’s oldest child is also in the school district, and the school is about three hours away.

Nana says that her mother has never spoken to her or her sister.

She said the school didn’t make it clear that they needed to leave.

“They told us, ‘It’s going to be okay,’ ” Nana said.

“But I know that they’re scared.”

Nana’s mother has lived with her grandparents for decades.

When Nana was a child, her grandparents were incarcerated.

She remembers them being scared and trying to figure out what to do.

“She was scared,” Nana recalled.

“You know, they’re afraid to come and live with us because it’s not safe.”

Nanna said her family has struggled with the loss of her grandparents.

Her grandmother died at age 50 in a plane crash.

When she was born, her mother was hospitalized.

She has never told her mother, Nana told The Washington Post.

She wants to help her grandparents feel like they can still get a school that is safe for them.

“We need a safe school,” Nane said.

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