What you need to know about the ‘swiss’ bamboo shoots

You might have seen the term “swiss” in a recent report on the plight of a new crop of bamboo shoots growing in a remote area in southern Switzerland.

They’re a drought-resistant crop that will become a mainstay of the food supply in the country, where the temperature has been rising for a decade and a half, and the climate has warmed more than the rest of the world.

A year ago, the Swiss were celebrating a harvest that had surpassed 1,000,000 bamboo shoots.

It was a rare event, with few of them being harvested this year, due to high temperatures and high temperatures that can last for weeks.

The first batch was picked in late July and are currently being shipped to Switzerland to be grown in the United States, where they can be sold.

They are a bit more resilient than some of the other varieties of bamboo that have been grown in this country, and that’s a big reason why they are being used in the food production chain.

But there is a catch.

The new plants are now in a lot of trouble because of a growing shortage of water, which is the reason why farmers are planting new shoots instead of growing the old ones.

“We can’t afford to buy new shoots every year because they have to be imported from China,” said Sylvie Leibert, president of the association for the Swiss bamboos, who has been working with farmers on the issue for many years.

“And we don’t know what will happen to the old shoots when we harvest them.”

The drought situation in Switzerland is not the only one in the world facing the threat of climate change.

In the past decade, temperatures have risen as much as 6 degrees Celsius, or 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The combination of rising temperatures, which have been driven by the burning of fossil fuels, is making some areas uninhabitable for some people.

Some people are finding it hard to find work, and others are seeing their children go to school with little food, while others are facing the possibility of losing their homes and even their families.

There is also the prospect of the climate changing even more.

It’s possible that global temperatures could rise by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100.

But the biggest threat to the world’s rice crop is rising sea levels.

And rising sea-levels have already been a threat for farmers in places like Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

And while some countries are now moving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many of the nations biggest cities and cities are not.

“In the past, we had the option to grow the crops and to store them and ship them to markets.

But now that the climate is changing, that is not possible anymore,” said Leiberton.

In fact, some cities have already gone ahead with the planting of new shoots, and some are planning to expand their growing seasons.

“It is very dangerous because we need the water,” said Joachim Munch, the executive director of the International Bamboo Association.

“If you grow a plant, it has to be able to handle the climate change.”

The Swiss government has already approved the planting and sale of new bamboo shoots for use in food production, which will allow the country to reduce the use of fossil fuel.

But some critics say the planting is only a first step, and there are still more to do.

The government is working to develop a plan to provide food security in the future, including providing subsidies for farmers to grow their own food.

In addition, the government will consider measures to make the environment more sustainable in order to mitigate the effects of climate disruption.

But even as the situation gets worse, many people are still optimistic about the future.

“I think that with good governance, with good management, with a sustainable management system and a lot more, we will be able in the long term to make a better use of this resource,” said Jens-Erik Dessmann, a former minister of agriculture and a leading campaigner against climate change in the Swiss parliament.

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