The Most Terrifying Plants You Can Eat (and How to Avoid Them)

The term “virgin” is thrown around a lot when it comes to food, but when it’s actually an accurate description of any kind of crop, it’s not a terribly accurate description.

Vibrant red peppers, ripe tomatoes, and the ever-popular basil are among the most delicious varieties of fruits and vegetables.

But some of the most stunning plant-based foods we’ve ever encountered have a reputation for being downright poisonous.

If you’re not sure what to expect, we’re here to help you figure it out.

So, here’s a look at the most toxic plants you can eat and the most dangerous foods you should avoid.


Pesto pasta A pasta dish typically made from the stem and flesh of a plant, pesto pasta is a kind of sauce that’s made with the skin of a wild plant.

While it’s generally thought of as a salad dressing, this dish is actually a pesto sauce, and a few years ago, researchers started to study the toxin properties of the plant.

The researchers found that in a dish that contains the skin and seeds of a certain species of plant (the peppermint plant), the plant’s toxin content could be up to 30 times greater than those found in foods made from other plants.

In other words, the plant-derived toxin can actually be up about 20 times greater.

The toxins in the pesto are similar to those found naturally in the peppermint plants.

Pests and fungi can also get into the pestola.

When you cook pesto, you’re also breaking the skins and seeds down into small pieces that can be eaten as a sauce or as an ingredient in foods like pesto.


Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more Pumpkin seeds are a type of perennial, wild-flower plant that’s grown for a long time, typically in areas where it’s a winter or spring crop.

The seeds are harvested during the summer months, then harvested again in the fall.

Like other plants, the seeds are poisonous to humans if eaten in large quantities, but pumpkin seeds are much less toxic.

In fact, pumpkin seed is so deadly that it’s often used in herbal remedies for cancer and heart disease.

According to the CDC, the most common type of pumpkin seeds that are consumed are seeds that have been cracked open and crushed to extract the seeds.

But there are a few different varieties of pumpkin that contain similar toxins.

A seed from the common pumpkin plant, the American pumpkin, contains toxins that can cause liver damage and severe allergic reactions.

The same seeds are also found in pumpkin seeds from the Japanese pumpkin plant and the Indian pumpkin plant.


Carrot, carrots, and other sweet potatoes There are several different varieties and types of sweet potatoes, and they all have different properties.

Sweet potatoes are sweet-tasting, because they’re harvested early in the spring and harvested later in the summer, and are grown in very dry climates.

They’re often used as a sweetener in baked goods and beverages, and have a number of other health benefits, including fiber and vitamin C. Sweet potato plants also have higher levels of the compound called phenylalanine, which is responsible for their distinctive flavor.

Other types of edible sweet potatoes can be toxic to humans in very high doses.

The National Institutes of Health has found that the toxic effects of the phenylketonuric acid, a type that’s found in sweet potatoes and other foods, are about two times higher than those from carrots and other plants (which have lower levels of this chemical).

Other foods that contain sweet potatoes include frozen fruit, cookies, and brown rice.


Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and onions It’s not uncommon to see onions or peppers in a salad or other cooking dish.

If it’s really hot, the onions can turn a deep red, while peppers can be extremely spicy.

When it comes time to eat something, onions and peppers can get into your bloodstream and cause a number a serious side effects, including severe diarrhea, vomiting, and heartburn.

It’s important to note that eating onions or pepper peppers does not actually cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Instead, it can cause some of these other symptoms, such as stomach cramps and bloating.

However, eating onions and pepper peppers can lead to a host of other symptoms including headaches, nausea, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and weight gain.


Potato chips, potatoes, potatoes and more A potato chip is a potato chip made from a potato, which can be ground into a powder, or ground into flour.

Most types of potatoes have an edible skin, and these skins can contain poisonous chemicals.

Most potato chips have been shown to be up the same level of toxins as those found inside some foods.

The only way to avoid getting a potato-poisoned chip is to cook them well, but if you’re looking to avoid them altogether, the best option is to make your own

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