When did the Gardening of the Year begin?

With all the excitement around the Gardener’s Cup and the annual celebrations, it’s easy to forget that the tradition of planting the seeds of the year has a long history.

The seeds of this year’s year began to appear on our soil in October, with the first seeds being planted on April 24.

The Gardening in the Year of the Gard, a competition to see who can grow the biggest plants in the shortest amount of time, is one of the biggest events in the country.

This year’s crop is from the Ritz Carlton in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, which has been growing the seeds for nearly a year.

The organisers have been hoping to have some of their seeds harvested by mid-March, with a competition in May, and they are now hoping to take their seeds to the European seed-bank in Berlin, where they will be available for anyone to pick.

It is hoped that the competition will be a way for the community to get involved in the process, as well as giving a boost to the city’s tourism industry.

While the seeds are from the most important area of the city, the Rizel-Tower Hotel, the competition is also expected to attract the attention of a number of other locations in Melbourne. 

The organisers of the competition, called The Gardener In The Year of The Gard, have been working to promote the seeds and encourage others to participate.

“It is a great opportunity to grow our community, with this competition, we can show our gratitude to our city, and to the people of Melbourne for planting the first seed in our garden, and help create a positive atmosphere for future generations,” said Victoria University Professor of Botany David McEwen.

The seeds are being grown on a large, open space at the Rochdale Hotel, and there will be seedlings from as far away as Sydney and Melbourne. “

The seedlings will be transported to the R-T for seed germination, and the seedlings in Melbourne will be given to the organisers at the event, to help grow and harvest more seedlings.” 

The seeds are being grown on a large, open space at the Rochdale Hotel, and there will be seedlings from as far away as Sydney and Melbourne.

“There is a strong link between the city and the area,” said the organisers.

“It is the place where people have grown up and where they have roots, so it is a perfect place for people in the Melbourne community to start their garden.” 

“We have had seeds from as many different regions as possible, from England to Scotland, and now we have come from across the country to make the seeds available to the public.” 

A number of local businesses have also started taking part in the competition.

“The Ritz has partnered with the city to ensure they have the seeds, and that they are safe for use, so that we can continue to grow the seeds we have grown here,” said Ritz owner Mike O’Connor.

The event has also given the organisers a chance for them to meet local residents, who will be invited to the event to learn more about the growing process and help seedlings reach their destination.

“We are all excited about having the seeds ready, and we will all work together to make sure that this great competition is a success,” said McEwan. 

There is also a competition for people interested in starting their own seeds in Melbourne, and a competition is being run to see how many people are willing to help.

Anyone who wants to help with the seed collection, or to be the seedman of their own seedling, can contact David McLeod at [email protected] or 0421 070 0113.

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