Zucchini seeds will be the first to go on sale in India, says Nandan Nilekani

The seeds of a cucumber plant which are the seed of the zucchinis, will be available in India next week, with seed companies Cucumber Seed, which is based in Ahmedabad, and Arbi Seed, based in Bangalore, announcing the launch of their products.

The Zucchini seeds are available on the company’s website for $10 per bag, or $15 for the whole bag.

“The Zukunas seeds are a very different product, the same quality of the plant that is found in zuccherias in the UK and Australia, they have been grown for over 100 years in a different way,” Cucumiero told the NDTV channel.

The seeds, which are a cross between a zucchinini and a cucurbit, have been around for more than a century and are grown in the Indian subcontinent, but India has traditionally been the largest market for the zucca.

“We have to say that the zukuna has been used in India for more time than any other plant, in fact the first zukuna in India was cultivated in 1253, and they were used in some parts of India as well,” Nilekini said.

“The Indian government is not a huge player in the global markets, we are just one of the big players, but we have to go with what the market demand for our product is,” he added.

Arbi Seeds is also selling zucches for around $15 per bag in India.

The company says the zuca seeds are grown using traditional methods, which will be similar to those in the US.

“In the United States, zuccas are grown by farmers using traditional techniques that have not changed in more than two thousand years,” Arbi Seeds founder and CEO Prashant Arora said.

“It is the same in India where the traditional cultivation techniques are being followed.

We have no change in the technology of zuccha, it is the way it was done in the last two thousand or three thousand years.”

The seeds have also been approved by the Indian government.

“With this technology, the farmer can grow a zuco plant for three years, it does not need pesticides, it has been proven that it has high yields, so we will definitely continue to work with the government to bring the product in India,” Arora added.

Nilekani told NDTV that the seeds will not be exported to other countries, saying that “the only reason we are trying to export the seed to other regions is because it is important for us to sell the seed in India.”

“We will have a very close partnership with the farmers, because they have helped us build a strong company here, but at the same time, they also have a big role in the development of the country and are our largest investors in the country,” Nileker said.

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