Why we need to rethink the future of agriculture

Why are we doing so little to save our crops and how can we do better?

We need to focus on the future, not just the past, said Paul Graziano, executive director of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

We have to think about the way we are managing this transition, he said.

The Obama administration is trying to address some of these challenges.

It’s investing $6.4 billion to support farmers and small businesses, including the Rural Health Initiative and the Rural Development Fund, which is designed to help small- and medium-size businesses expand and compete with the global food industry.

The Agriculture Department has also launched a program to help farmers and ranchers.

The Rural Growth and Innovation Fund is providing a $5 million grant for small-scale producers to develop and test products that will help them compete with global giants such as Monsanto.

The department has also increased funding for research into crop resistance and crop protection.

These investments could help small businesses thrive and produce more than enough food to feed an expanding global population, said Graziani.

We have to keep pushing forward, and we can’t let our progress slip by, he added.

Farmers need to understand they have a competitive advantage over global food producers.

They are able to grow their own food, which in turn helps keep food prices down.

The biggest threat facing farmers right now is a global food price spike that could lead to even higher food prices.

They also face a variety of problems that make it hard to make money in a global marketplace.

For example, they face uncertainty in the global marketplace over whether they can export their products to other countries, which could make them less competitive.

They may also have trouble getting new farm equipment.

And, as the world population grows, they’ll need to do a better job of keeping up with demand, which will lead to more food price volatility.

In the meantime, farmers can take advantage of these investments to develop new ways to make their crops more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable.

This includes planting organic crops, growing crops on ranches or on small plots, and incorporating hybrid seeds into their crops.

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