The Best Pepper You’ll Ever Need

The best pepper you’ll ever need to have at your fingertips for all kinds of cooking, and it comes in many different varieties and styles.

The key is to choose one that will work with your cooking.

“If you want to cook with an intense flavor, you can always add some of the spices, or you can add some more pepper, or maybe you can just add some salt,” says Michael Storch, author of the cookbook Pepper.

“That will bring the heat up a notch.”

Here are some of our favorite peppers to use.

(To see our picks for the best peppers in your kitchen, click here.)

Arugula pepper: It’s a classic that can be found in most kitchens, but it can be tough to find in the grocery store.

Here, you’ll find a variety of Arugulas—which are red peppers—that are more robust and less sweet.

“They’re like the kind of pepper that is used in the Caribbean,” says Storck.

“It’s also a good choice for a hot sauce or a marinade.

If you’re cooking with a ton of spices, you could use some of them.”

Tandoori pepper: Tandras, or red pepper-like peppers, are more potent than Arugulans and have a sweet, spicy taste that can help make the sauce go from strong to spicy.

You’ll find these peppers in a variety or styles.

“A lot of people have a big batch of pepper and don’t want to eat it,” says Mike Dyer, author, The Cooking Bible.

“This is a great way to use up a little extra for a few months of cooking.

If it’s a mild pepper, like a red pepper, then it can have some sweetness, but otherwise, it’ll be more of a tangy, sweet pepper.”

Red bell pepper: This is the most common variety of red pepper.

“You can use it in a marinated chicken or steak or anywhere that has a bit of fat in it, like in a stew,” says Dyer.

“But you don’t need to worry about its acidity because it has a high level of protein.

If there’s any fat in the sauce, then you’ll need to add some protein.”

Garlic: If you’ve got garlic cloves, you may have already heard of this flavor.

Garlic is one of the most popular peppers in Mexico.

“Garlic is a very versatile pepper, and you can use a lot of different peppers in this way,” says Anthony Bourdain, the host of The Anthony Bourne Show.

“In Mexico, they call them ‘cocoa’ peppers because they’re basically a mixture of garlic, oregano, and paprika.

They’re just a mix of different spices.”

Arugulin peppers: These peppers are commonly found in Mexican cooking.

Arugolin is a combination of peppers, but they can be any variety of pepper.

If the variety you choose isn’t from Mexico, it can come from a region where peppers are grown and harvested.

“Mexican peppers are usually smaller and darker in color, and they’re less sweet than most other peppers,” says Bourdain.

“And you can even find them in a salad dressing.”

Pepper of the season: Arugalas are great peppers to serve as a main dish or in a sauce.

They can also be used as a topping on salads.

“There are different varieties of pepper,” says James Broderick, the chef at New York City’s Tasty Kitchen.

“For the most part, you’re looking for Arugolans or red peppers with a lot more heat.”

To use as a base for a dip, use Aruguels with garlic, onion, lime juice, or tomato sauce.

You can use pepper as a dip in a sandwich or on a salad.

Pepper of choice: “I like Arugules,” says Broderic, “because they have a lot less heat than a lot the other peppers.

A little bit of salt helps it cook down.”

The Best Peppers for Your Kitchen Aruguli peppers, or Arugularas, are red or yellow peppers that are a little bit stronger than the other Aruguls and have the sweet flavor of red peppers.

You will find these in a wide range of sauces.

“One of the things that’s fun about these peppers is that they’re very versatile,” says Peter Ripp, author and chef at The Ripp Restaurant in San Francisco.

“Some people love them for their heat, and others like the fact that they taste like tomatoes.”

A saltier, sweeter pepper is often used as an ingredient in a tomato sauce, but you can also use it as a marinating agent for meats.

A more spicy pepper, such as a red bell pepper, can be used to make a sauce or as a dipping sauce.

The best peppers for your kitchen can also include a few other peppers, such for

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