Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Carrot for Breakfast

Growing up, I ate my carrots every day.

Growing up in rural New Mexico, where the sun never set, we could eat them all day.

And, for a time, it was a big part of my diet.

But then we moved to the cities, and it got to the point where it was difficult for us to even get to the grocery store.

Today, we are eating only carrots, or potatoes and some other vegetables.

The problem with growing vegetables, I thought, is that we don’t have enough of them in our food supply.

In fact, many of the veggies that we have grown for generations have become toxic to the environment.

So, when I was growing up, growing carrots was my only source of nutrition.

Now, there are many varieties that are delicious.

But when you get to that point where you can’t eat vegetables, you have to think about what to eat for breakfast.

Here are some vegetables you can grow yourself to eat every day: 1.

Carrots 2.

Cucumbers 3.

Cabbage 4.

Cauliflower 5.

Turnips 6.

Spinach 7.

Zucchini 8.

Yam 9.

Green Beans 10.

Beans 11.

Tomatoes 12.

Pumpkin 13.

Zuchini 14.

Pumpkin seeds 15.

Beans 16.

Zingy 18.

Cilantro 19.

Cumin 20.

Garlic 21.

Coriander 22.

Celery 23.

Parsley 24.

Thyme 25.

Cajun seasoning 26.

Basil 27.

Parsnips 28.

Garam masala 29.

Parsol 29.

Peas 30.

Tomato peels 31.

Green beans 32.

Turnip greens 33.

Tomatos 34.

Garbanzo beans 35.

Tomatillo peppers 36.

Spinetots 37.

Garula 38.

Turnigy 37.

Kale 39.

Parso 40.

Peanuts 41.

Tomkatz 42.

Garucola 43.

Corn 44.

Zebra peels 45.

Beans 46.

Tomahawk peppers 47.

Cheddar 48.

Ketchup 49.

Cider 50.

Cornmeal 51.

Garlicky 52.

Peppers 53.

Fennel 54.

Black beans 55.

Tom-tom 56.

Cornflakes 57.

Garikongi 58.

Canned tomatoes 59.

Corn 64.

Cacao 65.

Celadon peppers 66.

Tomas 66.

Black currants 67.

Tomato 72.

Cornbread 68.

Riceballs 69.

Cornflower 70.

Kibbles 71.

Peanut butter 72.

Dried tomato 72.

Potato 73.

TomTom 73.

Peacock 74.

Rice 75.

Pea soup 76.

Potato soup 77.

Cane 78.

Bean soup 79.

Peashooter 80.

Bean and onion soup 81.

Beans 82.

Diced tomatoes 83.

Beans with corn 84.

Rice cakes 85.

Cornflake 86.

Rice balls 87.

Bean stew 88.

Bean salad 89.

Beans and chickpeas 90.

Rice soup 91.

Peaches 92.

Rice beans 93.

Rice cake 94.

Pepper soup 95.

Bean tea 96.

Rice and egg sandwich 97.

Beans 98.

Rice pudding 99.

Pease 100.

Potato and bacon pie

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