When you put the word runner beans on a carton, it means you have to put them in the back of the carton to be served!

The best part of all is that there is no cost to put the beans in the cartons.

This is one of the perks of using this system.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with this new technology:1.

You can have all the beans delivered to your door.2.

You won’t have to leave the store to pick them up.3.

You don’t have a cart full of beans to worry about.4.

You are never short of beans.5.

You will be able to save time in the store by having to go pick up all of your beans.6.

You get a free cup of beans when you order.7.

You know exactly how much you will be buying and can easily calculate the total.8.

You aren’t stuck with beans you don’t like.9.

You have the option of having beans delivered directly to your home or delivered to the door.10.

You only have to worry when you are in a hurry.11.

You no longer have to carry a lot of cash.12.

Beans are no longer in your cart.13.

You never have to get hungry.14.

Beans save money and time.15.

You now know exactly what you are going to be ordering and you can plan ahead.16.

You take full advantage of the convenience of this new digital ordering system.17.

Beans help you save money, time and stress.18.

You look great in your bean dress!19.

You receive a free jar of beans in your box.20.

You’re getting the best beans from a source that has been on the forefront of green bean technology.21.

You’ll save on your gas bill and gas costs.22.

Beans come at a great price.23.

You do not have to buy beans from the grocery store anymore.24.

Beans cost you nothing to buy.25.

You save on gas and other costs.26.

Beans can be shipped direct to your doorstep.27.

You earn a cash back discount by purchasing beans from your local farmers market.28.

Beans arrive at your door faster.29.

Beans don’t require a driver to pick up your cart!30.

You may not be able find the perfect green bean when you need them.31.

Beans get delivered to you the next day.32.

Beans go straight to the kitchen.33.

You pick up and serve beans right away!34.

You order beans at the farmers market instead of going to the store.35.

Beans and their ingredients stay fresh for up to 24 hours.36.

You feel good when you receive your beans from Beans on Wheels.37.

You go back to the grocery stores to buy your beans and they’re there when you get home.38.

You always have the latest and greatest green beans available.39.

Beans make the best meal in the world!40.

You also save money on gas!41.

You enjoy the convenience and savings of using Beans on Wings.42.

Beans on wheels can be customized to suit your taste and budget.43.

Beans have never tasted better!44.

You eat healthier and save money!45.

You make the most of your free time.46.

Beans provide the perfect opportunity to take time with your family.47.

You and your family can spend more time with one another.48.

You become more productive by doing things that are more enjoyable.49.

You gain a sense of accomplishment as you spend more quality time with friends and family.50.

Beans offer a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people.51.

Beans serve as a powerful way to connect with your peers.52.

You learn more about yourself as a person and a business owner.53.

Beans give you the best chance to be successful in life.54.

You build a sense and confidence that makes you want to succeed.55.

You reap the benefits of your bean buying and serving with the highest satisfaction!56.

Beans enable you to make the right choice for you and your business.57.

Beans show your business what you truly value.58.

Beans inspire your customers to do the right thing.59.

Beans open doors for your business!60.

Beans lead to a sense that you are good at what you do.61.

Beans support your business and your employees.62.

Beans lift your spirits and bring a sense to your life.63.

Beans create a sense you are connected to the community.64.

Beans motivate you to work harder and be more successful.65.

Beans teach you how to become a better person.66.

Beans demonstrate the power of your business skills.67.

Beans prove you can succeed.68.

Beans bring out the best in people.69.

Beans strengthen your resolve to succeed and get you to do what is right.70.

Beans keep your mind and heart healthy and vibrant.

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