Belgian endive (Belgium) to have new breed to fight invasive plant species

The Belgian endivorous flower is now a new species that will be tested for its ability to resist invasive plants, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

The plant will be the first of its kind in Europe, and is being cultivated to fight the common nematode that causes the disease in the European Union.

“Belgian endivores are the best breeders in the world and this new species will make it possible to have a better quality product for consumers,” Agriculture Minister Jan Jambon said in a statement.

Belgian farmers will begin cultivating the new species in 2018.

A new species of European vineyard plant that will grow in the Netherlands and Belgium, the vineyard lettuce, is now expected to be planted in spring 2018 in the areas that are already home to the common worm, Jambons Agriculture Minister for Food and Agriculture, Marc Wijnsma, said in the statement.

The plant is expected to have improved resistance to the nematodes Echinococcus spp., which has caused the disease and is a major source of food for many Europeans, Wijnersma said.

The new species is expected “to help us in the fight against these types of pests,” he said.

This is the first European production of the new cultivar, which has been developed by a Dutch company, according the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

Wijnsmas Agriculture Minister said the new lettuce will be cultivated for several years and be a “big boost” to the local economy, according Reuters news agency.

The garden plant, which was introduced in Belgium in 2015, has proven to be a major success in terms of resistance to Echinococcosis, and a source of healthy food for some of the country’s farmers.

In April, the Belgian government introduced a pilot project to test the plant for resistance to various types of Echinopyranthus spp.

that cause the disease.

The farmers will be asked to cut down several common nematicides, and test the lettuce for the first time with the new plant, Wijnersma said in his statement.

“This will be a real test of our new technology, which will be able to grow lettuce in a more controlled way,” he added.

Jambon has also said that the new variety is expected not to affect the price of lettuce, which is currently sold in the United States.

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