‘We’re going to need to eat it’: How to make your own sushi at home

The Japanese are known for their delicacies, but many Americans have little interest in eating them.

This week, a Canadian chef took things a step further and made sushi from scratch at home using vegetables from her garden.

It’s called Vegumashiro.

The recipe she shared for Vegumashi was posted on the website of Vegumishiro, a sushi restaurant in Toronto.

In the recipe, the chef says she first started with a bunch of cucumbers, cucumber sauce, tomatoes, pickled okras and pickled sea urchin.

Then she added some of her garden’s most popular vegetables: okra and zucchini, as well as a small handful of seaweed.

“I love the texture and the taste of the vegetables and the texture of the fish, so it was the perfect combination for my taste buds,” she told CBC News.

“We’ll probably go back to the cucumbers and okra.”

The chef said she then added a bunch more veggies to the mix, and added a splash of sesame oil to the mixture, along with a pinch of salt and a pinch each of pepper and oregano.

“I put the ingredients together and cooked it in the oven,” she said.

“It was a really delicious meal.”

The restaurant’s chef is a Japanese immigrant who’s now living in Toronto and has been working on the recipe for five years.

Vegumushi’s chef says it’s been a great collaboration between her and the restaurant’s owner.

The restaurant has been making sushi since it opened in 2015, and Vegumashes chef is excited about the results.

“We’ve had so many people come and try our sushi,” she explained.

“Some of the most popular dishes are all from VegumASHIRO and we’ve been doing a lot of work with them and trying to make the dishes as authentic as possible.”

The Vegumas chef says Vegumaru has been a success, but the recipe is just one of many sushi recipes from her.

The chef said there are other recipes on Vegumshiro’s website that have similar ingredients, and they will be made with the ingredients used for Vegamashiro’s recipes.

As for the ingredients she used for the Vegumare, the restaurant says it had a huge amount of fresh seaweed, and some fish that it harvested from the ocean.

Vegamashi says the ingredients they used were all organic, including seaweed that was harvested from a nearby reef.

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